Scientific Cultural and Political Editions



Under the name of SCIENTIFIC, CULTURAL AND POLITICAL EDITIONS, you will find the title of the published Books and Brochures that contain the texts, articles and speeches of J. Posadas relating to a desired theme.

These documents deal essentially with political international or local issues. Some relate to the world struggle to take society towards socialism. Others deal with the construction of the world workers and revolutionary movement. Such documents are not only for revolutionary militants but for anybody who seeks human progress.

J. Posadas bases his analyses on Marxism, Culture and the History of Human Civilization. He values all the forms of Art, all the discoveries of Science, the social relations, the construction of communist relations within the family, the Party and social life. He links the human relations with nature and the Universe.

The books in the Scientific, Cultural and Political Editions are mainly in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Some titles exist also in German, Greek, Persian and Arabic.

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On the Six-day War
On the Stalin question
The tasks for the left in the Labour Party
Socialism and human relationships with nature and the cosmos
On China
The Marxist conception of learning and teaching
The function of the Trade Unions
The Revolutionary State
What is a Soviet
The role of the plays of Aristophanes in the progress of humanity
Following the overthrow of the Shah
The european common market and the function of the communist parties
The children, the family and socialism
The permanent process of the revolution in Iran
The world balance of forces and the triumph of Mugabe in Zimbawe
The crisis of imperialism and the need for a consistent anticapitalist current in the Labour Party
Nuclear energy, war and socialism
The function of the trade unions in the workers states and in the capitalist system
Poland, Soviet democracy and the actual form of the political revolution
China : the origins of the present counter-revolutionary leadership if the chinese workers state
The role of the Soviet Union at this stage in History
Poland : the advance of socialist democracy and of socialist influence in the world
War, peace and the function of the socialist countries
The historic function of music and song
The role of USSR in the socialist transformation of humanity, first volume
The role of USSR in the socialist transformation of humanity, second volume
Latin America : the growth of the revolutionary process and the collapse of all dictatorships
The role of cinema in history
Theatre and socialism
Art and socialism
The tasks for the left in the Labour Party
On Nicaragua