Private Policy

1. Who is responsible for the treatment(processing) of your data?

This charter aims at informing you about the treatment(processing) of your data the responsibility of which falls to the aisbl International Publishing(Editions) Science Culture and Politics(Policy) (EISCP) whose head office is established street Philippe Baucq, 30 in 1040 Brussels. EISCP manages the Fourth site Internationale Posadiste and the blogs Posadistes. (In French), Posadistas Hoy ( Spanish), Posadists Today ( English)

2. Of what consists the processing of personal data?

The personal data include all the information concerning an identified natural person or to identify. He can involve a name, a number of identification, data of location(localization), an on-line identifier or any other datum relating for one person.

The data processing personal includes any possible operation on these data, such as their collection, their recording, their use or their preservation. EISCP handles your personal data in diverse purposes (cf. 4), and watches that only the necessary data are handled.

You have no legal obligation to pass on us your personal data but in case of refusal, it can pull for us the impossibility to enter into a relationship or to pursue this relation with you.

3. What personal data are treated?

The data of inscription in the newsletter: your e-mail address + the language of your choice (Fr, Eng or. Esp)

4. Why does EISCP process your data?

We send you regularly a newsletter to inform you about texts unpublished or republished and digitized of J. Posadas published on our Fourth site Internationale Posadiste, as well as articles of international current events of our blogs (in French, English, Spanish

5. To whom can your data be transferred?

Your data are treated in a confidential way. EISCP will never sell your personal data.

6. What are your rights and how to exercise them?

General right of deregistration in the newsletter.

You can oppose at any time the use of the data which we collect, keep(preserve) and handle(treat), and it is true without justification; via the available link in every newsletter or via the e-mail address info@quatrieme-internationale-posadiste .org or via the page contact of the site to make a demand(request) of deregistration. You will receive from then on no more newsletter from us.

7. What is the shelf life of your data?

Your data will be kept(preserved) until explicit demand(request) of abolition(deletion) from you.