The tasks for the left in the Labour Party

The relationship with animals and Socialism
6 April 1978

The historic significance of the British Museum
7 April 1978

Greenwich and the role of science in human development
4 May 1978

The European Parliament
3 December 1978

The aim of the European Monetary System, EMS, and the European Parliament
3 December 1978

On the capitalist system
18 March 1979

The fascist provocations and the assassination of a Left militant (Blair Peach)
24 April 1979

The process in Britain, Stalinism and the organisation of the Left in the Labour Party
26 April 1979

The world crisis of capitalism and the British Labour Left
2 May 1979

The fall of Callaghan and the perspective for a Socialist Republic in Britain
7 May 1979

Conference on the world process of the deepening crisis of capitalism
23 December 1979

The continuous process of the anti-capitalist struggle and its development in Britain
27 December 1979

Introduction to the 1980 Edition
17 July 1980